Playoff Hopes are High for the Tigers

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With the end of the regular season approaching, the Tigers are looking like a playoff contender yet again assuming they can keep playing like they have. With only Duke and Boston college remaining, Clemson is able to clinch the division and book their trip to Charlotte with a win this week and likely face Pitt or Virginia.

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The rest of the road is not a gimme by any means but with the standard that the Tigers have played to the past four weeks, exiting each game with a winning margin of at least 30 points only Alabama seems like a worthy opponent at the moment.

One College Football analyst, Joel Klatt from Fox is already declaring Clemson as a top four lock for the end of the season. “What we know now is that you don’t have to bolster Clemson’s resume,” said Klatt. “Why? Because they are beating teams by a margin that is staggering. Right now in their last four ballgames, Clemson is winning those ballgames by 240 to 36. Plus 204 in the scoring margin for Clemson and average of a 51-point win.”

He also seems to think that the playoff committee that decides the official rankings has been trying to unreasonably put ACC teams into the lower end of the rankings to boost Clemson’s resume.

“They don’t need your help committee,” said Klatt. “They are going to be in the playoff anyway. Welcome to the playoff Clemson Tigers. Well done because you’re going. Listen you can book it. Clemson fans book it, man, you are in the playoff. Who in the ACC is going to beat you? I’ll wait. Exactly no one is beating them. South Carolina is not going to beat them in the non-conference game at the end of the year.”

While every Clemson fan likes to hear this kind of reassurance from an “expert” it is important for the team and fans to not get ahead of themselves, because we have all seen the madness that can ensue in college football.